Animations missing from .blend?


(Keegan Keene) #1

Hello everyone.

Today I finished animating a model with three actions. When I upload the .blend directly none of the animations appear. If I export to a .fbx then upload all of the animations are broken and the objects placed around oddly.

Here are the 3 actions in the NLA editor in Blender. They playback fine in Blender but Sketchfab does not see them. Animations I have uploaded before had a single action that was active and those uploaded fine. So maybe I can bake these 4 animations into 1 action then upload?

(Bart) #2

Not sure why this happens. The French team has a day off today - @waleguene could you look at this tomorrow?


Looks like 1 animation is working here from the .blend file?

(Keegan Keene) #4

Hey I am really sorry, I forgot about this post and I guess I am not receiving emails for some reason....

So that animation you see above is not really a proper one... So I had a total of 4 actions in my .blend file, assemble, idle, punch, then assemble again but I had a reverse modifier to play it backwards. I exported the file to a .fbx but when I uploaded that to Sketchfab the rig had basically exploded and the parts where scattered everywhere. It seems like Sketchfab will only properly take animations that are loaded onto the dope sheet and not in the NLA editor. I also tried the .blend itself but then it would not import any of the actions.

So for the animation above I baked all 4 actions to a single action I could open on the dope sheet and Sketchfab took that fine. This is obviously not ideal because it will put a keyframe for every single frame...

I actually don't have too much knowledge on exporting animations and this is my first animation that has multiple actions so there is always a chance I am just doing something wrong.


Sounds like it might be the same issue as this:

(Keegan Keene) #6

Yup, that sounds exactly like my problem. Sooo I guess I just have to bake all of the animations to one big action. He says If I have one object with several actions then I can import that, but when I did it seemed to have all the actions but the rig exploded...

My MK III Terra animations was animated by giving an action to around 24 dfferent objects each with their own unique action. Sketchfab seemed to handle that fine though:

(Waleguene) #7

Hi @silver593,

Our Blender processing is still not perfect and there are some cases that are not handled yet. Some of them will be supported by further improvements, and others will not be supported at all since the translation from a full 3D software (with all it's specificities) to a viewer like Sketchfab cannot be perfect.
Also note that Blender FBX export can lead to some weird results for the same reasons (translation from Blender data to FBX data), but it will probably be improved in further Blender releases :slight_smile:

About your model, you should not have to bake everyting into a single action since it's that our processing should automatically do, so maybe there is an issue on our end.
Could you send us the original .blend file (Zelda) so that we can take a look?

Our main goal is to avoid such actions from the user and make the upload from Blender to Sketchfab as smooth as possible.