Animators, we need some examples of morph targets!

(Bart) #1


one of the most requested features that we get for animation is support for morph targets. We have started work on this, but to make it robust we need some sample files for specific cases. Right now we're testing animations that have both rigging and morphing on the same geometry.

If you have any animations like this, please send them to us for testing:

  • Files should contain both rigging and morphing on the same geometry.
  • Files should be supplied as .FBX files (like all animation files).

Please email your files to (remember, morph targets aren't supported on Sketchfab yet - we're still working on them!)


PS: If you're not part of our Animation Beta user group yet, just sign up!

(Simon Kratz) #2

Our main characters have both rigging and morph targets! Gonna send you a bunch of files smile
We also have a couple of animations with morph targets + PRS* animation if you ever need that smiley

*Position, Rotation, Scale

(Bart) #3

Thanks Simon! For now, just rigging+morphing will do smile

(Simon Kratz) #4

We gotta do some preparations to make it work properly since rig animations and morph target animations currently are separate files with the animation being composed in Unity. Hope I can send you the files soon though smile


Ok, I will try to contribute soon.

(ProjectOL) #6

I have already uploaded a model with morph targets. Blender version 2.75's FBX 7.4 Binary exporter creates a lot of empty animations (in this model's case, only the 5th animation works). This exporter versions bakes the morph targets driven by bones, so engines like Unreal 4 can use it without any problems.

MorphTarget Test
by ProjectOL
on Sketchfab

I'm interested to see how you progress with this feature!

(Moroplogo) #7

@carpaintergeril Have you ever try to export your blend file with FBX 6.1 ASCII ?

(ProjectOL) #8

Yes, but that version doesn't export morph targets, and doesn't bake NLA scripts.

(Ironbelly) #9

How do you want those morph targets presented.. I just put this up: which contains all of the morph targets and blend shapes in a single FBX

(Moroplogo) #10

Here is a first simple test (one mesh and two rigs ) create with blender ,but I don't understand why the cuboid is shrinking in the middle, at the articulation and why the bones get shorter when they move.

(Bart) #11

To clarify: support for morph targets/shape keys is still in development - if you upload them to Sketchfab now they will be ignored. Just mail me your files and I'll pass them on to our 3D team so they can test their software with them.


(Moroplogo) #12

:-)) @bartv !! I will delete it!

(Bart) #13

Hey folks,

I just checked in with Guillaume, who is working on this. He has received plenty of material to work with, thanks so much!! You've helped make Sketchfab a little better smile


This may be of some use

(3dcinetv) #15

Hi Bart. Found this old thread. I´m using Blender with sketfab addon. Is there a place to read about how to export (animate) morph target (shapes) from blender to sketchfab?
Please help me out with that one. Thanks.
BTW: You also run blendernation? Just so I get my mind clear.

(Bart) #16

I recommend you try exporting from Blender to FBX and uploading that to Sketchfab. I’d be curious to hear if that solved it for you.

Yep! That’s me :slight_smile: