AnimVR support/Better Alembic

(Nicktheladd) #1

Hello, I would like to request the return of support for AnimVR animations on Sketchfab. It used to work but somewhere along the way it stopped working properly and direct AnimVR to Sketchfab was lost. I would highly appreciate the return of this feature because I can use it to upload and sell my special effects animations through the store which can be used in 3D animation software or as Unity assets.

AnimVR has Alembic exports as well but the vertex colour isn’t supported by Sketchfab. If either Alembic support is improved or AnimVR to Sketchfab is fixed, I’d be a happy camper.

Example of effects I have made in AnimVR and some use cases:

Old model back when support worked:


We would love to see AnimVR support return too! There were some issues in processing, especially for complex animations.

I’m going to re-open the discussion with our 3D team and the AnimVR team and see what the next steps should be to have this feature restored.

(Nicktheladd) #3

Now that Quill supports animation I thought I’d try uploading an Alembic and see if it worked.

Unfortunately it has a bunch of odd visual errors and flickering. also lacks the transparency. Would be great to have sketchfab support for both Quill and AnimVR working.

(Lavamachine) #4

plus 1 here: better connection to sketchfab pls.
I have no problems to get my vertex colors working in sketchfab with the following pipeline. I first import it to maya then export it to fbx with vertex colors.

Main problems:

  1. files are just HUGE! Too much polygones. with a simple couple of strokes scene I already have more then a million polygones. More then the 50 mb restriction on sketchfab.
  2. The alembic animVr animation isn’t exported to fbx somehow in thsi pipeline.

(Giantswan Art) #5

Hey All, Visiting to check out how far i could bring my AnimVR work to sketchfab, Apparently not too far?
Keen to see some love here \m/


(Nicktheladd) #6

There used to be an option for Sketchfab export within AnimVR but it was removed a long time ago. The problem with the Alembics are that they’re just too heavy and there isn’t a way to optimize them within AnimVR.

You might have to bring them into another software, optimize them there and then upload.

If you zip the file before upload it might help keep the size down too.