Annotation Animation Take


(Jessestormer) #1

I’m really surprised I can’t find a working/functioning example of triggering a different animation take for a specific annotation. I’ve found TONS of forum posts, but no actual working examples.

I’ve narrowed this down to two options – (using the API, of course)
A) one single animation containing the full animation options, use play, pause, or seek to frame commands when an annotation is selected/de-selected.
B) multiple animation takes (looping), load a different take that loops when an annotation is selected

Any knowledge of where I can find a functioning example? I just want to make sure this is possible at all. I’m kind of surprised the non-API (standard viewer) settings don’t give me an option to load a different animation take when it is selected.

Thanks in advance for any help!

(Shaderbytes) #2

just create separate takes , this is much easier than controlling segments of one timeline

then just create an array with the animation names , listen to the annotation events to get the index of the current annotation and use that to map the relevant animation name from the array based on the index. then set that as the animation to play.


(Jessestormer) #3

Thank you, I’ll give this a shot and post an example when I get it to work!