Annotation Camera Position

(Ntxdave) #1

I have added 4 annotations in my test model and would like to add a camera position for each of the annotations. However, when I go the Annotations panel and position the camera for the view I want for an annotation and then click on the camera icon for that notation nothing happens. I do not get a thumbnail image for that annotation and the camera position is not saved. Am I doing something wrong or do you have to have the Pro or Business version for that to work?

(Moroplogo) #2
  • When you are on the Annotation panel, double-click where you want to place your annotation. Normally you see the thumnail image for this annotation on the left panel .

  • Type your title and description . Then click Ok .

  • And finally, click on the "Save Settings " button.

example :

Tutorial : Want your models to tell a story? Meet our new ANNOTATIONS feature

(Ntxdave) #3

I understand what you are saying and this is what I did. However, if you look at the image below you will notice that there is no image with any of my notations and no matter what I try I cannot get one.

As I said, I want to be able to zoom in the piece of equipment the annotation is attached to but I cannot get it to work. Again, I assume I am doing something wrong but I cannot figure out what it is.

FWIW: I am running on Windows 10 with IE 11. Do not know if that makes any difference but I would love to be able to solve this problem. Thinks like this are important before I would consider upgrading to Pro or Business.

(Moroplogo) #4

I saw your model ( )
and we can see your five annotations ( it is the maximum of annotations that you can create with a free account --> ) .

I just tested to create annotation with Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18524 and effectively it is impossible.
So you can use firefox or chrome .
@James or @bartv could you see this problem?

(Ntxdave) #5

Once again thanks for your reply. Yes, I was aware that 5 was the limit. I will try tomorrow or Monday with Chrome. At least I now know that is the browser and not my stupidity. The tutorials seemed pretty straight forward.

Will the IE problem always be there or do you see that changing sometime in the future? Does/will it be a problem for a viewer?

Now I need to figure out why the SketchUp uploaded stopped working for me today. I have sent a message to the author to try to get that working again.

Again, thanks for the reply/information.

(Ntxdave) #6

I tried Microsoft Edge and Chrome and both seemed to work until I clicked on the Save Settings button. In both cases I got the following type of message.

In Edge, I had just tried to create one annotation but in Chrome I tried to replace all of my annotations because I could not just update my original annotations (it would not allow me to add the camera view to the original annotations).

One thing I did notice was the model loads MUCH faster in Chrome. :slight_smile:


Are you still seeing this error? We had some issue a couple weeks ago but they should be fixed now.

(Ntxdave) #8

Yes. I just tried to edit this model a little while ago and got the same error. This was the one where I tried to use IE 11 so I then deleted all of the annotations and now when I try to go in and put new ones in it. I get that same error with every annotation.

Since I am just trying to learn Sketchfab, I assumed it was something I did wrong. I would love to be able to add annotations to this one again.


I just added 5 annotations to that model, saved, deleted them, and saved, and it worked ok. Can you try again now that I've refreshed the model's options?

(Ntxdave) #10

Yes, I was now able to add annotations without any problems. I found it interesting that as I started to enter the title for a new annotation all of the previous titles showed up so that I could select one of them. Indicates to me that even though they had been deleted the model still knew about them.

Now I would like to discuss the location and size of the annotation. I am just using the free version for now but if I step up to the Pro or Business version do I have better control of the annotation? In particular, sometimes the annotation hides part of the model that I am trying to explain/comment on. Also, it would be neat if I could have more control over the appearance of the annotation (i.e. more than 256 characters, the ability to have lists, the ability to control the color or highlighting of text).

Since my model was created in SketchUp and I use the SketchUp Uploader plugin, I cannot currently re-upload a model so correcting some things means I have to upload a whole new model.


We don't offer annotation customization at the moment, but Markdown syntax is supported in annotations and model descriptions for headers, lists, images, links, styles, etc. and there are some additional annotation utilities in the Viewer API.

While the plugin does not support re-upload yet, you can manually export Collada from SketchUp and re-upload it through the website.