Annotation Customization

(Ettienne) #1

Hi folks,

I would like to ask if it would be possible to add the ability to change the location of the pop-up menu of the annotations when they’re clicked. I currently have a model that makes use of annotations, however I do not want the annotation pop-up menu to block the view of the model, it would be great if we could possibly set the menu to the side when the viewer clicks on the annotation, allowing you to still view the model in full without getting the view cluttered by the menu itself.

Here is an example of what I’m currently facing with it, and a possible solution to it.

Model being blocked by the annotation as well as the follow-up annotation.

Menu moved to the side, outlined to still be visible on any background the model might have and to attract attention.

Maybe in the 3D settings be able to just simply drag the annotation menu anywhere on the viewable area, where it would then appear when the annotation is clicked. Or maybe make it a fixed point on the side.

Kind Regards


It would definitely be a useful tool to set a kind of “anchor” point for annotations, especially to avoid the text covering the model or overlapping the frame. It’s not on the roadmap yet, but I’ll add your feedback.

It would be possible to do something with the Viewer API. For example: