Annotation has become visible when it shouldn't

I have a Pro subscription which runs out in April.
I’ve been uploading models for my client and giving them links to the models eg

Plot 171 Ashop - 3D model by CheshireCreative - Sketchfab

This has been working well and the clients customers have been viewing the model in full screen and with none of the annotation visible.

This morning however, the same links are showing the models with the annotations and also no longer fullscreen.

I trust that this is a temporary bug and nothing to do with your price rises?

Hello, I don’t reproduce the issue. On what browser do you use it?


I now have to move the cursor to another screen to hide the annotation bar and buttons on the bottom right. This isn’t suitable for most viewers as they only have 1 screen.

The window never goes fullscreen regardless of where the cursor is.

Ok do you have any chrome extension installed?