Annotation marker visibility

(Dornografia) #1

I have two models I’m preparing to publish. Both were made in Blender and both are animated and annotated (title only, no description). However, annotations behave differently on each one.
On the first one, the annotation bar is visible at the bottom and is totally functional (meaning it takes me where each annotation was made), but the round number tags are not visible nor the title window, which is actually good because I only use the annotations to position the camera. On the second one, both are visible. Any idea why could this be happening? Is there any way I can make the second one work like the first?

(Design Experience) #2

I am having exactly the same problem, the round markers for annotations are gone in my new models…


Can you make sure that annotations are set to visible in 3D Settings, then Save? This option is set as the default when you set it in the editor.

(Dornografia) #4

I had tried clicking on the annotations bar for further options but no menu came up then. Tried again this morning and somehow it worked this time. Maybe it’s the browser.
Anyway, problem solved. Thanks.