Annotation Navigation


(Optum) #1

Is it possible to limit navigation to only the annotation positions?

Client was counting on limiting the camera and using annotations. Didn’t realize that we couldn’t do both at the same time.


(Shaderbytes) #2

best to cover the viewer with a div so no mouse interaction at all , then create your own annotation controls and use the API to navigate to annotation via your own controls. Of coarse blocking the viewer means it completely blocks the viewer , so no interaction in the scene or UI actions.

(Optum) #3

Teach me, please.

Basically what I understood there is that div is in HTML.

Are you saying that when I embed the final link to put it inside a div that has no mouse control access? If that’s so, I still have no idea how to do that. We are wanting to block the viewer from being able to inspect the model and spin around behind the back of it or under it. We just wanted to give them a guided tour of the model using annotations.

(Shaderbytes) #4

it is something easy for a developer to do , if you do not know how to layer divs in html then I think it beyond the scope of your current skills to teach you this “quickly”. How are the controls supposed to be wired? How is their layout handled? How is the viewer layout and covering div layout handled? Even if somebody gave you some working code , i doubt it will meet your needs fully and you will need to have tweaks done to match your page requirements. It is best to hire a developer to handle all this.