ANNOTATION - not working link to image


Trying olt get a image in the ANNOTATION, as far i have checked help files i haave properly set the link to image(s) but i get just broken link on the particular model
posted code is with SPACE so its readable

![] ( - free image hosting website

![] ( ( link to my webpage for test image )

Hi @MuzeumHistorickychBu - please can you share a link to the model in question?

As a guess, it could be something to do with the image being hosted on a an http domain but Sketchfab requiring https

Hi Nebulousflynn

Link to the model is here

but when you check the links i have tested both options, with just HTTP and another one as HTTPS…

Hi again -

The pasteboard link does not go directly to an image file, but to a preview page, therefore Sketchfab cannot render the image in an annotation:

I suggest you use a different service to host your images, personally I use