Annotation Positioning / Update to Annotation style


(Nebulousflynn) #1


Loving being able to add images to my annotations (is audio on the way? :wink:) but I often have the problem - especially on smaller screens - that the automatic positioning ends up making the model or the annotation unviewable i.e.

Maybe you're already seeingwhere I'm going with this - does it seem like a good idea to have some kind of locked annoatation pane? Here's a mockup, probably plenty of arguements for / against but i've def had trouble with this in the past.

Is there any changes planned for the annotations system?
Full screen annotations ? Resize image?
(Miekeroth) #2

This is one of the reasons I made the application on my website with the ability to have the text and images belonging to an annotation on the place I want to have them. Here a link to a tutorial I made using tabs:

How to make a real 3d model application

(Nebulousflynn) #3

Thanks @miekeroth - what a great tutorial! I will definitely be trying this soon :+1:

(Miekeroth) #4

thanks! I hope it helps :wink:

P.S. saw one of your endorsements on Linkedin.. wow, just wow!

(Bart) #5

Great suggestion Tom, I'm passing it on to @mauricesvay

(Mauricesvay) #6

@nebulousflynn can you elaborate on the problems you've had in the past with the proposed layout for annotation?

(Nebulousflynn) #7

Thanks for reply @mauricesvay!

First up - I should just say that I love :yellow_heart: the annotations in general, the extra layer of information (plus images!) is awesome and especially useful for story telling and education.

The example in my post above is from an upcoming British Museum model - on smaller screens the annotations are so tall and thin that they go 'off canvas'.

Other the times, i've created annotations in "3D Settings" that position great in that full screen view but then fall across the area of interest on the model in the public viewer. I've found annotations that are central in the viewer can often be unpredictable as to whether they will flip to the left or the right of the annotation point.

Here's a recent problem I've come acroess too - annotations obscure the 'Next/Prev' annotation buttons:

On this note, I also find the buttons on the viewer to be too small and hard to use on mobile and tablet. Something a bit chunkier would be good for my fat fingers :smile:

I hope this is useful feedback!

(Nebulousflynn) #8

hey there, one more idea on this :sweat_smile:

disabling flex-direction: column; from the CSS class tooltip no-description seems like a nice change.

i.e. from this

to this

(Shane Johnston2) #9

Hi all, I just started inserting images into my annotations which is fantastic, but I noticed that the image isn't appearing on my mobile device (Samsung Smartphone), I tried VR mode to check and the image still doesn't appear, in both instances all I get is a small icon but no image, does anyone know the answer to this?

(Bencva) #10

I know its been 20 months since this post was made, but I really think this is a good idea. In trying to annotate models, I find myself wanting the ability to move the description field without moving the annotation tag or wanting to have annotations float in space. But to create a side overlay panel, I think is fantastic. That way, the creator doesn't get frustrated with the description covering the model and they can put more descriptions (text and images) in the overlay.

(Alex Nan) #11

I feel your pain !

(Nebulousflynn) #12

Hmm not sure but could be related to where you are hosting images?

(Nebulousflynn) #13

Thanks for the feedback @bencva @AlexNan - at some stage I believe we will be re-visiting the how the annotations work but it won't be anytime very soon I'm afraid.

I hope people keep sharing ideas here - it will help inform decisions and make any update as useful as possible.

(Tom Goskar) #14

Like @nebulousflynn and many others I love using annotations. I'm working on a project at the moment where the client, a UK national heritage organisation, have come back with some accessibility comments. Amongst these is the ability to make the title of an annotation into a link. This is because some of our content is too detailed for an annotation and we wish to direct people to a page on an external website. For accessibility reasons we would need to avoid the use of "Find out more" as the hyperlink, and use the title again as the link to enable screenreaders to tell users what the link is.

For example, an annotation title might be

Trinity Beacon
Find out more about the Trinity Beacon

If this annotation were the first, we might change the annotation title to:

Station 1
Find out more about the Trinity Beacon

It's probably not the way annotations were designed, but it really would be handy to be able to use links in the titles to avoid repetition.

I also love the original mockup by @nebulousflynn about a restyled annotation panel. I hope that something might come of it one day, and it could be useful for providing accessible content. This could see us avoiding the use of external sites to provide more detailed information.