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Annotation tab missing

(Origin3d) #1

Hi folks.
If I select "add annotation" it takes me to the editor but there is no annotation tab at the top just scene, lighting and materials.

Any ideas?



Annotations are currently disabled for animations.

(Miekeroth) #3

Is there any chance it will come back later? I need it.. :wink:


@miekeroth (cc @mauricesvay ) - How would you want to use animation + annotations and how would you want it to work? Notes staying with geometry their attached to? Notes in a fixed position?

(Miekeroth) #5

yes I would love to have the notes staying attached to the geometry if possible.

(Moroplogo) #6

It would also be interesting to have the choice between these two options
- annotations, about an object, attached to geometry and
- annotations, about a scene, set in a fixed position.
And why not have a choice in the transparency of these annotations !

(Origin3d) #7

Maybe a selection of rollover styles! It would also be good to have weblinks ability within annotation.

(Miekeroth) #8

Hi @origin3d there already is that possibility (weblinks). It works great!


Yep, full http.... links will automatically become links, and you can also use Markdown to create your own hyperlinks in annotations and mode descriptions: