Annotation text position improvement


(F1xer) #1

I've done a few models with annotations which can be time consuming when trying to avoid contention.
The text window for annotations almost always covers the subject since it hogs the central screen area. (Same issue to some degree with VR).
Ideally there would be a checkbox to fix the position of the text box to one position e.g. corner of screen (or view).


We know that annotation behavior needs to be improved. It's on our long-term roadmap, but it's not yet clear what features or improvements we'll work on.

(Cie) #3

Hi there!

Regarding this subject i notice that, when in VR, the navigation buttons of the annotations are overlaying the text. I noticed it in my VR gallery

You are probably already aware of this naughty button behavior; is this also somewhere on the backlog?

Greetings, Casper