Annotations and configuration with model API

Hi! Is there a way to provide annotations when uploading a model ? I want to upload models from server side code and need an API to configure the model (annotations, post processing, initial view,…) exactly as I would using SketchFab website. Is it possible without using the viewer API ?
If not, does the changes made from Viewer API persist on the model ?


It’s not possible for now on server side code.
Viewer api is indeed not persistent, you need to set it up at each model load


Hi again Paul.

I’ve successfully added annotations (see this JS Fiddle) via the Viewer API.
It would be really great if annotations could be set on the model via Data API, here are the reasons:
(I want to integrate model with annotations on a website, and enabling users to see other models on SketchFab gallery, all with their annotations (3000+ models))

  1. When clicking on the model to see it on SketchFab, annotations would “disappear”, how can I explain users that there is no way to add annotations programmaticaly ?
  2. I MUST build a “gallery” page on top of SketchFab, thus keeping my users away from SketchFab site itself. I think SketchFab could be more than a “raw model repo with a great JS viewer API”.

I hope this makes sense to you, and the need for annotations in data API is obvious.