Annotations and Pivot points

(Elbriga) #1


I hope this is the right place to make a suggestion about this;

While checking out some WIP threads for the Star Wars contest, I can see alot of users struggling with one simple thing: Setting the camera's pivot points for annotations.

I think the reason for that is simple as well: setting the pivot point is made with a "double click" and adding a new annotation is "double click" as well... which makes setting the pivot point for annotations impossible while in the annotation tab... Very counterproductive and really not intuitive!
Wouldn't it be better to have a "drag and drop" for annotations and "double click" for pivot point?

Sorry if that issue has already been discussed!

(Bart) #2

@elbriga good suggestion! I've moved it back to the Lounge - that's a better place for it.

@mauricesvay have a look

(Mauricesvay) #3

We've been discussing that internally and this is probably something we will change in the future.
Thanks for your feedback!