Annotations + Animations + AR

(Virtuder) #1

We would like to use Sketchfab in more fields.

  1. We would like to be able to run animations on the annotations.
    There is no animations in the example, but it would be nice on 1st click/touch to run "open" animation, on the 2nd click/touch to run "close" animation.

Can this be done somehow today?

We would like to be able to run our models in AR view.
I saw the experiment, but somehow this didn't work. Are you guys further developing AR?

Our experiment:
You can change the colour
We limited the navigation - now you can not:
- go out of sphere
- go into the car
- go below the floor
enjoy :slight_smile:



  1. The Viewer API includes annotationFocus and annotationBlur events, as well as various animation functions. So, yes, you could go to and run an animation (or seek to any timeline position) when reaching an annotation.

  2. We're working to fix the experiment. It replaces the background with a device's camera view, and uses a QR code to orient the model. We definitely plan to further develop AR, but it's not yet on the short-term roadmap. The main viewer and VR our our main focus at the moment.

Very cool experiment. We're planning to launch native camera constraint options soon!


Actually, the AR experiment should be working again now:


We just launched a Camera Limits feature! I hope it's useful for you.