Annotations as Quiz?

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Hi All,

We've recently had a talented student create a model for use in one of our core classes: This is effectively replacing an old flash-based study guide with the equivalent of annotations for definitions. I think the annotations work great as they are, but I was wondering if there would be any interest by the dev team and in the community for creating a quiz out of annotations - i.e. clicking on an annotation prompts the viewer to name the architectural term or something of that nature. I could see this being useful for a variety of scenarios and education levels and wanted to put the idea out there.


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you can do something like this using the viewer API.


Yeah, the Annotation Sync example could be useful for you:

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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll certainly dig in and check it out. I meant the post more as an idea for someone who would not be able to set things up using the API themselves. If there was a GUI similar to the adding of annotations themselves it could be more accessible to users like educators and students without scripting experience.


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Hi Myles,

Like your work and like your idea of a quiz/questionnaire feature. I like it so much that I have started working on the code. I downloaded your model and will put it on the website with a simple 'Click on the...' quiz. Clicking on the correct annotation will show a green tick. I will send you an update and the link in a few days.


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Is this what you wanted for the architecture stuff?

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Hi Jon,

Thanks very much for the links, that does look very close to what we have pictured as an option for the quiz. You have quite a lovely site there. I'll be sending it to others in my office to see what they think, but to me it looks great.