Annotations have severe performance costs?

(Shaderbytes) #1

Hi All

I have a pretty hi-spec machine and have no problems viewing any model with butter smooth camera rotations, except when annotations are added to the model. Rotations then seems to become a bit jerky. Has anyone else noticed this?

( my machine is win 8.1 64 bit i7 4790 gtx 970 oc edition 16gb ram msi gaming mother board , using chrome browser )

(Stephomi) #2

Yes we know that, it's because of the CSS DOM repaint stuffs.
It's kind of ridiculous to be slowed down because of something like that but I don't think it's easy to solve.

@mauricesvay smiley
Maybe we should seriously consider doing the hotposts in webgl (like the lights icons) ?
Of course the text pop up would still be in CSS.

(Shaderbytes) #3

that is a great idea , yes do it in webgl!!! wink

(Mauricesvay) #4

We just pushed a performance improvement to the annotations. Does this feel a bit faster?

(Shaderbytes) #5

WOW it does feel much more smooth wink well done!