Annotations linking to javascript


(Andyg2) #1

I'm new to 3D modelling but I've been a full time web developer for 20 years and I've got a task to do something a little different.
I have a basic 3D model of an old supermarket which will be used as an airsoft combat arena. I would like to embed and render this model on our website and allow visitors to navigate the model space and click on annotations which then connects to a live video feed of the action happening at that location.
The only part I'm struggling with is connecting the annotation to an external script.

My questions are:

  1. Can this be done with sketchfab?
  2. Is sketchfab the best way to go with this?



You can use the Viewer API to link annotation events to your external script:

(Andyg2) #3

Thanks James this is absolutely perfect, I don't know how I missed the entire viewer API but I can see I'm definitely in the right place for my project and I can do a lot more than I hoped for with this too.


Awesome! Would love to see the final result.