Annotations not loading images (inconsistent)

Hello all,

We’re making a model with quite a few annotations (solid 50). All 50 of these annotations should include a title, text and image embedded in that text.

Text and image are currently done like this (for each anno.):

text: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean ut convallis nisi, nec efficitur nisi. Mauris volutpat libero at porttitor porttitor. Vestibulum accumsan neque et dapibus ullamcorper. Nam non aliquet quam. Mauris condimentum erat tellus, a sagittis neque feugiat a. Duis suscipit feugiat ex, elementum maximus est venenatis at.\n\n[![](](#)"

This works for most of the annotations. Sadly, some do not load the image (or even the text data at all); causing some annotations to only show the title. All annotations follow the same setup code as shown above.


It’s not a consistent issue as the problem moves from one random annotation to the other when reloading the page, though it’s often one of the middle to later ones. The first annotations (no. 1-6) always load the image as expected.

Without the images, all annotations get loaded with the correct title and text.

Is there anything we’re overlooking, or is this an issue we can’t directly tackle ourselves? Any help welcome!