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(Ripvannik) #1

Hi. I'm using laser scan data along with some meshing software to generate models and host them on Sf. THeres a lot of compression involved that means a reduction in the quality of the models and i've not figured out how to create texture maps yet for the 3d scans. Its looking like 3ds max along with some thinkbox software.. BUt in the meantime, once the models are up, the intention is to annotate technical information relevant to each venue.

Would it be of value to others if we could reference decent quality photos from the scanner positions in a similar way to annotations ? I'm not sure if this is possible, but i'm thinking that the photos are referenced from a link in the annotation to a database hosted by sketchfab ? Or even to a user's flicker account for example ? then they pop up in the Sf scene if a viewer wants a snap shot of the image from the scan position. Its a round about way of seeing high quality images of specific features in the scan.

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.

Best wishes.

(Chaitanyak) #2

not sure if this is what your trying to achieve -


(Ripvannik) #3

Yes !!! I was hoping someone would say that : )
Is the method available on the sketch fab site ?
Many thanks for your reply !


(Ripvannik) #4

Sorry..dumb question, I'll look at the markdown link above.


(Ripvannik) #5

Hi Chaitanyak.
I got side tracked for a while there, but meant to ask you if there is a way to increase the size of the photos that are linked to an annotation ?
Heres a rough version of a scan, reduced to a mesh, with a couple of random annotations as an example.
In an ideal world i would increase the size of the pdf image. The images are linked from a wordpress blog at the moment, where there is limited options to increase the image size there that i can see so far.