Annotations & Prezi-Style Presentation on SketchFab


(Tyson Gersh) #1

I think the annotations feature of SketchFab has tremendous potential that’s currently being unmet. I run a Detroit-based non-profit ( and have been working for months to create a fully to-scale super detailed model of our campus, with the ultimate goal of creating an interactive experience for online users.

I’d ultimately like to be able to create a self-guided, but structured tour through the campus similar to how Prezi works (where you can go at your own pace, deviate from the programmed path at any point, but rejoin whenever you want, etc.).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? I’m newer to the tech space, but pretty good at figuring new stuff out. Feel free to check out some of the models that I’ve uploaded to get a sense of what currently exists on our campus that would be included in the overall model.

For the sake of helping to paint the picture, here’s some real world photos:




Hi Tyson,

I think we may have actually met years ago. I studied architecture at U of M and was (VERY) briefly involved in MUFI.

You might want to take a look at our Viewer API. It lets you build more custom applications on top of the embedded viewer. Here are some examples and resources, but the annotation sync demo could be most interesting to you ( ).


(Tyson Gersh) #3

Small world! I hope you had a good experience when you were involved lol. Looks like you’ve moved on to some really cool stuff!

Thank you for the links! I had checked the first 3 out already, but not as thoroughly as I should have.

Regarding the Terma article, I couldn’t get the model mentioned in the article to work - I think the link to their website goes to an outdated page?

The zodiac model is REALLY COOL! Wow. Im super impressed. I’m definitely going to try doing that with one my the house models I’ve built.


Ah yeah, it looks like Terma might have moved or removed the embed, we’ll look into it.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: