annotationSelect needs more power

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Hi All

I was using “annotationFocus” and then saw a update today in the view api for an event named “annotationSelect” So I thought great! This is something i know I asked about before so i thought it would be the update i needed.

Sadly it does not work as i expected , you see “annotationFocus” is fired regardless of whether you clicked the annotation nav or an annotation in the scene.

“annotationSelect” sadly only fires when you click an annotation in the scene. I was expecting it to fire when the annotation ui was stepped as well.

Please give some thought to this, i have real world working client examples that totally prove you just need an event when a new annotation is selected. Whether it is selected in the scene or via the UI, it should not matter, the event should fire.

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Ah yes, that was also my understanding of how this event would work. @paul_sketch

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Thanks for the report, appreciated,

Ok, makes sense. Will check.