Announcing Fab and the future of Cultural Heritage 3D

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Today, Epic Games announced Fab, the next evolution of Sketchfab and the future of our community—including, of course, our many cultural heritage and educational members! Fab will unite Sketchfab with several other Epic Games communities, broadening both the audience and possibilities for the vast library of cultural and educational 3D content on Sketchfab.

Here’s a summary of what will be happening:

  • Fab is preparing to launch later this year, and Sketchfab will gradually be moving its features and tools, including our Cultural Heritage program, over to Fab.

  • Our team of talented and committed developers, designers, account managers, and community managers—many of whom have been a part of Sketchfab’s team since the early days—will be here to help make the process as smooth as possible so all embeds, online exhibits and APIs continue to function for everyone as Fab develops.

  • View-only 3D models, 3D model embeds, and Creative Commons licensed downloads will exist on Fab.

We will keep the cultural heritage community up-to-date regarding the timeline for Fab’s launch and our migration over to it. It’s important to us that all of our community members feel as at home on Fab as they have on Sketchfab.

For more information, please read our Help Center FAQ and blog announcement.


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