Another-me - Paris

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About this service
Another-me proposes a multi-camera rig system dedicated to instant capture of portraits and full bodies. We also perform objects and in-situ cultural heritage scanning.
Model reconstructions are made via photogrammetry.
We deliver fully textured models or we can supply small and medium size physical outputs in wood, stone, marble via machining and 3D printing with all available materials.

  • Website:
  • How to contact: / +33 (0)6 10 63 29 89

Service description

  • Specialisation: Portrait / Full body / Object / Cultural heritage
  • Equipment/software: Multi camera rig with superfast flash units / Photogrammetry
  • Location: Paris
  • Ability to travel: Paris area / France
  • Max / min scannable sizes: small size building to few centimeters
  • Textures: 8k textures, diffuse, normal, displacement, light-map, ambient occlusion
  • Deliverable file formats: FBX / Wavefront OBJ / MAX / ZTL / WRML
  • Additional services: Model reconstruction from provided pictures / 3D raw model cleaning and retouching / Relighting / Model preparation for machining or 3d-printing / Physical outputs
  • Costs: Location and project dependent


Daniel Pose 026 - Refined Coloured by FredLucazeau on Sketchfab

E. Partial White by FredLucazeau on Sketchfab

Bronze Bouddha by FredLucazeau on Sketchfab

D. Facing down by FredLucazeau on Sketchfab

L'Amour Captif by FredLucazeau on Sketchfab