Anrakyr The traveler Model review

Hi everyone,

My name is Alex and I am new to the forum section of sketchfab, and this will be my first post here, so sorry if i might post my model in a wrong section.
Back in 2019 I graduated for my bachelor for 3D character artist at Howest Digital Arts and Entertainment. but ever since not being able to find a job in the industry I am still trying to create models every now and then. this particular model took me 9 months to complete due to my current job and moving out from my parents. and now having a experienced eye feed-backing me, I was hoping the creative talents of the forums here would like to feedback my model. i really wish to get better at 3d Modelling, to constantly develop myself into a better 3D artist.

Many thanks in advance, and i am looking forward into discovering new and talented artists all around the globe!

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Hey man, welcome to the Sketchfab forum.
And congrats on your staff pick - this is an excellent model.

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Many thanks! Gladd you like it, if there are any remarks im eager to hear these so i can translate the feedback in future projects! :slight_smile: