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Antenna house scene


(Engine9) #1


UV unwrapping and baking light and GI to texture.

Draft AO baking.


:evergreen_tree:Blend4web version with particles.

(Bart) #2

I saw your scene, it's lovely. You should be able to figure out a way to get those particles here on Sketchfab too? Maybe bake particle animation?

(Engine9) #3

Ok! I will do.

(Nomadking) #4

Great atmosphere @engine9, I love what you did with the lighting! :slight_smile:

(theStoff) #5

Wow well done! Now this might just be my monitor but I feel it's a little too dark. Even if it's night time a little more light would help I feel. It would also be cool to have a moon and some stars. Of course I'd play with that because that might just make the scene too noisy.