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Anti-aliasing Issue with Mac OSX 10?

(Tai Pinc) #1


Since I upgraded to OS Yosemite my point-cloud models looks really bad, compared to how they appeared before.
Is there a known issue with anti-aliasing?



(Bart) #2


could you show us an example of a model with aliasing issues? I don't know of any Yosemity-specific issues.

(Tai Pinc) #3

I'm not sure it's related to Yosemite, and I also need to find some computer were it works ok for comparison. But this is what I see:

(Tai Pinc) #4

And also another issue with point-clouds (or perhaps this is intentional), seems like the compression of the model is too heavy - putting all the points into a grid at the price of low details:

Compared with this:

(Bart) #5

Hmm, it looks more like a moiré effect. @cedric do you have any idea why this happens?

(Mrchlblng) #6

Hi @tai_pinc,

regarding the quality, you're right that for this model we compress too much; and generally, determining an acceptable compression error for point clouds is not an easy task. I'll make some tests to increase the compression quality for point clouds.
In the meantime, we may reprocess without compression if you'd like?

(Tai Pinc) #7

Thank you both very much.

I would like these models to be reprocessed as well:

LIFTA - Odeh House - Room 2 by Tai Pinchevsky on Sketchfab

LIFTA - Odeh House - Facade by Tai Pinchevsky on Sketchfab

Thanks again. Hope to ear more about the processing issue, and the moire.

(Mrchlblng) #8

Hi @tai_pinc,

all 3 models have been reprocessed without compression. It looks like the moiré effect was a side effect of compression so we should be all good here now!
I'm updating the compression quality so hopefully you won't notice quality issues anymore when this is released.