Any chance we could get support for Cycles Principled Shader?


(Pauljs75) #1

I know copying over most custom node trees from Cycles would be tricky to convert to PBR, but with the new Principled shader - most settings related to PBR are contained in one node. I'd think it'd be nice if Sketchfab could copy or translate the settings used with that node to their PBR (mettalic?) settings to help streamline the process. Would be nice to have most materials work or much closer to working directly from the .blend file, instead of having to completely re-do them each time after uploading here. Then keep in mind a lot of people aren't exactly fond of the older Blender render engine, and even the devs have mentioned it's considered a depreciated part of the software.

TL;DR : It'd just save many steps/headaches for normally working with Cycles render engine.

(Waleguene) #3

Hi @pauljs75,

Yeah, recent Blender updates are interesting as they make Blender material closer to our PBR workflow.
There are a few updates like this one that we need to in our Blender processing, but we have to finish other features before switching back to Blender updates.

I 'll try to keep you posted about this once we have some news,


(carodani) #4

Hi, I believed that Blender cycles material were supported at list partially, but in reality I cannot even get the diffuse colour in Sketchfab, am I doing anything wrong?


It’s usually because every material comes out on our side with 100% specular. We’d love to have better support for Cycles but it’s a complicated subject and there’s no perfect 1:1 translation between Cycles materials / nodes and our PBR channels. Additionally, from my understanding, Cycles is made mostly for creating standalone renders, not real time.

(Dimitarsp) #6

Hi, I am wondering whether there are any updates to this…especially now that Eevee is almost done, demonstrating the capability of real-time PBR materials with the Principled shader


Once Blender 2.8 / Eevee is stable, we plan to rework both our importer and exporter plugins into a single plugin that will use the glTF format to move models between Blender and Sketchfab with full PBR materials preserved.