Any feedback appreciated

HI all!

I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips or feedback on the model.
Please let me know how you would improve it.
Any feedback is a good feedback, so don’t worry about my feelings and let it ROLL :slight_smile:
Sketchfab link

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Looking very nice!!

Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • The light in the scene is really hot. I think toning it down will help to soften the food and make it look even more delicious!
  • Is the brown stuff supposed to be caramel? At a glance that’s what I guessed. I looked at some images of caramel online and found that it was much smoother than how this was presented. I could be missing something, though. (On second glance, I see you have some spots that are smoother and some that have bubbles and feel harder, so this might be a moot point.)
  • I really like the chocolate flecks in the ice cream — it helps to break it up well. The ice cream feels a little flat — perhaps a bit of scattering would help to make it feel softer?
  • Most of my experiences with cherries usually have a dark red stem, so the green feels out of place to me — but I could just have not seen many green stemmed cherries before.
  • That cookie wafer looks so good it’s making me hungry.
  • I see that you have added some bumpiness to the ice cream in the cup, but the glass seems to be washing out that. Not necessarily bad, just a observation.

All in all, I think this is really well done! Bravo! :slight_smile:

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Hey @cwasden . Thanks a LOT for a really good feedback.
I am adjusting this right now.
I have never had an ice cream with a cherry on top so had no clue the stem is usually dark red xD

The brown stuff was supposed to be caramel and later it got changed to chocolate and changed again to caramel which in the end just got mixed up and became this strange mix of both worlds. So I am changing it to choco now :slight_smile:

If I understand you correctly, “The light in the scene is really hot”. I need to adjust the light of the scene and the contrast?
Again. thanks a lot. I will be playing around with the settings :+1:

Just from what I am seeing, there are a few images I found where the cherry stem is green - but they are usually cartoonish and not realistic. I am seeing more of these:

With regards to my hot light comment - yeah, the light is really strong and washes out a lot of the detail and shape of the sundae. I think pulling down the exposure would help.

Again, well done! This looks great! :+1:

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