Any plans to add in SSS shading features of some sort?


(Ricocilliers) #1

Sketchfab is awesome, no question about that.. but right now I'm wondering if there's a way to do screen space SSS and fresnel based effects in a similar way that Marmoset viewer does..? This is incredibly useful for more realistic skin rendering,hair, fur, and other organic stuff, and in my opinion its the one thing holding back all those awesome character works being uploaded. (especially the ones aiming for a bit more realism)

As a character artist I sincerely hope there may be some plans for this in the future, and I'm just curious if you guys think it's at all possible?

Anyway, great site, and keep up the good work!

(Vlad) #2

You can simulate SSS effect with emission map.

(Radoslaw Kurczewski) #3

Would you care to point me towards any tutorials dealing with that?

(Vlad) #4

Don't know, but you can search something like "baking SSS"

I just used color map as emission map and set it to 3-5%
For example here:
Or here
Not a perfect but looks much better than without it.

(Cedric) #5

Thanks for your comments !
Yes we want to support SSS but it's not clear yet how we will implement it and we are not sure it will fit for all SSS use cases. When we have more information we will test it with a small number of users.


(Radoslaw Kurczewski) #6

Now that's a great news. Apart from MAYBE some form of particles (which can be done other way) that's probably last big feature missing.


Hi everyone,

We've implemented SSS / Translucency - enjoy!!