Any plans to support the glTF format?

I was surprised to not find any discussions about the glTF format here on the Sketchfab forum. The short version is as follows:

glTF™ 1.0 (GL Transmission Format) is a royalty-free specification for the efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models by applications. glTF minimizes both the size of 3D assets, and the runtime processing needed by applications using WebGL™ and OpenGL®-family APIs to unpack and use those assets. glTF defines a common publishing format for 3D content tools and services that streamlines authoring workflows and enables interoperable use of content across the industry.

I sincerely hope glTF merits inclusion in Sketchfab’s already impressive list of supported formats. Personally, I strongly wish to see glTF eventually dethrone FBX as the de-facto 3D exchange format. It’s a long shot, and it’ll take time, but Khronos has a pretty decent track record with these things. It also seems like they learned a lot from their mistakes with Collada.

With Sketchfab having recently implemented a fully functional FBX importer with support for animations, I’m curious what the devs think of FBX. For what it’s worth I think the consistency the format has brought to the 3D (in my case games-) industry is laudable. That being said, I’ve talked to many developers who’ve had less than pleasant experiences with the format. (example).

The benefits of glTF as an open source format with an open spec should be fairly obvious. If they do a good job getting more adopters on board, who knows; maybe in a couple of years Sketchfab’s go-to format for animated models could be glTF instead of FBX :rainbow:


Interesting stuff. I don’t know much about it. Maybe @cedric has some thoughts.

I’m very interested in this development also. Looking to glTF as an open source standard for tiled 3D models.

Edited: Glad to see more support for glTF! Their adoption rate is also looking promising. There’s even a Blender plugin in the works now.

glTF has been getting some good publicity lately. Seems like it’s maintaining its momentum:

‘MIME types’ are used to identify the type of information that a file contains. Khronos’ successful registration of glTF as a MIME type at the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is a significant step in ensuring that glTF files may be reliably and correctly identified and recognized across diverse markets and ecosystems. Previous MIME types include image/jpeg, audio/mpeg, and video/mp4 – the new model/gltf+json MIME type finally recognizes 3D as widely usable class of content.

Valve and Oculus are members of the Khronos Group, among an extensive list that includes Microsoft, Adobe and Amazon. Experts at Microsoft, Adobe, Box and OTOY directly voiced support for the glTF standard in an announcement today, indicating some industry momentum for the format. A quote from Oculus Chief Technology Officer John Carmack was also included, describing the need for such a format.

In development news:

Hi guys,

We just shipped support for glTF. We’re still improving, but let us know how it goes!



glTF support is great to hear. I tried uploading some glTF models but looks like the textures aren’t being displayed. Seems to be a case even with the sample glTF models. Is that a known issue?


@waleguene would know best, but we’ve got some test models with textures working correctly.

@sbtron glTF support is still in development and is not full. You should be able to find the texture in the list in the editor but it is not automatically bound.

glTF has different material types and your sample has probably a default material (that is not currently in our focus since it’s too simple for our use).
If you try to upload the same sample but with “MaterialsCommon” extension, it will work.
We will add automatic binding for default materials anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for testing and reporting

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Re: GLTF2.0
I understand Sketchfab has glTF2.0 capabilities now.
Is there anyone who knows how to implement it?

  1. Does the display upon uploading onto sketchfab get changed to gltf2.0 automatically or do I have to export it out of the initial development tool (Maya, Blender, etc.) as a gltf2.0, prior to uploading to sketch fab?

FYI I used 3dsmax to build and texture it. I also have a Unity version. I realize neither of these tools has glTF.

If sketchfab does not convert it upon upload, I wish to find a tool that will allow me to convert it to this format prior to sketch fab. Also, please note, my code knowledge is net to null. For example, I have seen that github has some type of fbx to gltf converter but I have no idea how to make use of the files I have seen on the github site.
Any assistance you anyone can provide is appreciated!

@waterman_patricia I’m not fully sure why you’d want to necessarily upload a gltf scene on sketchfab as long as your upload is properly processed on the platform. Gltf is a great format for PBR materials export but we try our best to import all formats correctly. If you have issues with your current pipeline, please let us know so that we try to improve the platform.

That being said, as you’re mentioning Unity, this is our first exporter relying on gltf so if you install the plugin and export your project, it will generate a gltf scene and upload it on Would this workflow meet your needs?

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