Any thoughts on selling Collections?

Hello Sketchfab!

This site has many advantages for buyers & sellers in ways that are commonly remarked upon - for example being able to see the exact topology, uv’s, etc. of the models you are buying. However, one area where I feel Sketchfab can be awkward or not optimal is when you want to sell larger packs of content. The fact that you can now include up to 2GB of “additional files” is a great step towards making this better, but it is still not particularly easy to demo a lot of content within a single item.

I feel like if users were able to sell collections (assuming of course they were the author of every item in the collection) that would solve the problem entirely and actually make sketchfab the ideal site for selling large packs. Has there been any thought or discussion within sketchfab about this idea?

Selling packs is definitely on our roadmap! Using collections for them is an interesting idea, I’ll pass that on :+1: