Any tips for bugs in running 3D models on iPhones? (i.e., not loading, or audio not playing)

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The below model is running on the computer and Android phones, but on iPhones it’s not loading. We have a similar model that is loading but the audio is not playing on iPhones. Any tips for getting this to open up on an iPhone (tried on Safari and Chrome, iPhone 7 & 10). And any issues with audio not playing on an iPhone?

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We are going to look into it.

For audio on ios you should have a popup asking for permission. Do you have this popup and then it doesn’t work or you don’t even have the popup?

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We don’t even have a popup.

Thank you!

For the model, if you target mobile, you need to lower the triangles count considerably, 2.3M is way to much, targeting a decimated model < 500k would help a lot. If you can lower the number of textures (10) for a single atlas texture it would help too.

Thanks but why would this only impact iPhone and not android? We tested on a variety of older android phones and it works but even on the latest iPhone it doesn’t work. We’re concerned about big loss in quality if we pare it down too much.

would this only impact iPhone and not android

Iphone is imposing safari as only browser, and it has very serious capabilities limitation and known memory problems relative to WebGL browser API, independent of the iphone HW capabilities
Android doesn’t have this problem at all.

We’re concerned about big loss in quality if we pare it down too much.

On mobile you won’t see difference if you lower the triangle count to 500k and texture to smaller count. There is a lot of planar surface that can be done with much lesser triangle count in the model, and mobile screens are small.