Any way to embed Sketchfab into google maps?

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Hi everyone!

Is there any way yet to embed SketchFab objects into google maps?

I was looking for this option on google maps but found nothing alike.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps with any info.


Hi Marc,

Are you trying to insert 3D models into street view or something? We don't much in the way of Augmented Reality yet...

Can you tell us more about what you need to do? Thanks smile

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Hi James and thanks for the quick reply (I just realized that this kind of question is more appropiate for the Google Maps Forum than Sketchfab) ... But anyway, what I would like to do is this: Let's say I want to see a particular sculpture within a park, on google maps most users would upload a picture of the sculpture, I would like to embed a 3D scan of the same sculpture so people can watch it in full 3D detail. Is there a way to use the embed code generated from SketchFab to do that in google maps?


We'd love to see that, too!

It's probably possible if you were building your own App on top of Google Maps ( ), but I don't think there's any way to do it right now in the official Google Maps. So, yes...might be more appropriate for the Google Maps Forum smile

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I see!
Well many thanks for your quick responses James.


@locobox - looks like it's possible with Mapbox:

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Many thanks for the link, looks like it's what I'm looking for.

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@locobox please have a look at

I've been working on that to map 3D scanned artworks. It's just a prototype. The idea is to create a collaborative and curated map, mapping the best 3D scanned artworks around the world.

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@locobox I built the HTML for that, let me know if you have any questions!

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Looks promising, it seems to me that it is in beta since I cannot find a way to embed any of my 3D scans, perhaps I need to look for that option with no hurry. Many thanks for these wonderful good news.

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That's right, the prototype is just static HTML for demonstration purposes. We're still figuring out how to best let members add their work to the map - stay tuned!

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Sorry to revive this thread...

The ability to geotag a model within Sketchfab would be awesome. Just its latitude & longitude, or latlng + radius, or bounding polygon for bigger scenes would be a good start.

If just that data was accessible other devs could build sites & apps to browse the catalogue.

Cheers, Andrew | Western Sydney University


I'll add your +1 :smile: