Any way to have unlimited downloads via API?

I was wondering, is there any kind of account type that doesn’t have any download restrictions ?

All info I was able to find is pretty old, it just said that the free has 50 per day, pro has 100 but what about premium and enterprise?


Why would you need to download more than 50 per day?

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It wouldn’t be for individual use, it woudl be for all the users of Figmin XR

We don’t make those limits public, and the volume for enterprise is custom, feel free to reach out to if you want to discuss this

Are there any exceptions regarding the download limit for educational purposes? I was planning on using Sketchfab as a source for the mobile application I am developing in the scope of my bachelor thesis. The application would use the Unity plugin to fetch 3D models to represent certain elements, but there would be a lot of new elements in one scene (definitely more than 50).