Anybody do models for pay? I need a Earth rotation view

(Jeranism) #1

Hi guys-

I have sketchup and have been playing for a while but I cannot get what I need so I need to have someone do it for me and hopefully for not too much money.

All I want is a model of the Earth (no need for moon or even earth details) it can even be just a sphere. Then I need it placed in an all encompassing star ball or celestial sphere. <-- I have a star model if you need. Then I need a little animation that shows the view from a few spots on the earth as it spins. I keep messing up on this spot because I don't know how to keep the camera on the right spot while the Earth rotates. I planned on the animation having about 14 frames. An opening frame then a zoom in to the earth for #2. Then

  1. jump to North America
  2. earth spins
  3. earth spins
  4. earth spins
  5. jump to sky again
  6. jump to Mexico or somewhere on equator
  7. earth spins
  8. earth spins
  9. earth spins
  10. jump to sky again
  11. jump to tip of south america
  12. spin
  13. spin


Can anyone do this easily? It does not need to be perfect. Oh and in the sky I need a bright red north star above the north pole and a bright yellow star for the south pole star.