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Anyone else having trouble uploading to the site?


(Dr Stef) #1

Hey there,

Does anyone else have trouble uploading right now? I tried to upload a model yesterday which was 6mb and it was stuck at 96% after half an hour trying to upload it (normally takes less than a min). Tried again this morning it only goes as far as 7% and is very slow. Connection seems to time out, but my internet connection is going full speed. Tried turning of virus scanners etc. But then I get this message this morning: (view in imgur to see full image, msg is at the top)

I don’t have a pro account first of all, but the time on my pc is todays date. I have been able to upload models fine in the past few days. I tried this with different models now, they all stick at 7 or 8%??
Is my upload speed that crap? Granted it’s adsl but this is ridiculous.

KInd Regards


(Ettienne) #2

I haven’t had issues uploading models myself, but I have noticed lately that when making models available for download via purchase, the extras archive, I have to upload twice before it actually works the first time.


Are you still having trouble?