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Anyone knows how to embed into a sharepoint platform?


(Jupitersrx7) #1

Model URL:

Browser:internet explorer 11

Operating System:windows 8.1

Description of problem: can not embed into sharepoint environment


I'm not familiar with SharePoint, but you can embed models in

(Jupitersrx7) #3

SharePoint is a Microsoft Intranet Web system.
Many large corporations utilizes this system within the company.
I am trying to implement Sketchfab capabilities within our internal environment. But it is seem that is currently not possible.
I see a major potential for internal design process with this implementation. So I wanted to see if this has been done. So far I have not seen any.

(Moarorleslie) #4

If you're still around, let us know if you found a solution. I'm interested in this as well. Thanks!