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About this service

AOC Archaeology Group is one of the UK's leading heritage consultancies, specialising in 3D scanning, photogrammetry and aerial LiDAR for archaeological documentation.

AOC undertakes all forms of archaeological works, from consultancy to survey, excavations, post-excavation analyses and conservation. We have long experience in museums and on-site interpretation, and specialise in the 3D documentation and presentation of cultural heritage. We have prepared digital and printed media for museums, visitors centres, schools and websites; with our combination of archaeological and 3D media expertise we are uniquely placed to tailor 3D products to your requirements.

Service description

  • Specialisation: 3D documentation of objects, buildings or landscapes for heritage interpretation
  • Equipment/software: A range of object and terrestrial laser scanners; Faro, Trimble among them; photogrammetry suites
  • Location: Edinburgh, London, York, Inverness (UK)
  • Ability to travel: Regularly cover UK, willing to travel worldwide
  • Max / min scannable sizes: Ranging from small objects to buildings, monuments or landscapes
  • Deliverable file formats: Virtually any standard 3D format: OBJ, STL, WRL, CAD and GIS terrain formats
  • Additional services: Reconstruction, visualisation, app development, web development, educational media
  • Costs: Contact us!


The Ship Stone by aocarchaeology on Sketchfab

Glenferness by aocarchaeology on Sketchfab