API 3.0 - endpoints for private models?

(Sabry M) #1

Hi everyone, hi James,

do we have any update about the release date for the new API version 3? ... we would be really grateful to see endpoints for private models being included as announced earlier ...:slight_smile:

Are we talking day, weeks, months ...?



I would guess weeks :slight_smile:

(Sabry M) #3

Hi James - any luck at all receiving the API 3.x release as an XMas gift including the private model endpoints :slight_smile: ?? Cheers, Sabry

(Sabry M) #4

Hi there, can anyone update me where we are at in terms of API endpoints for private models? Have I missed something? Cheers, Sabry


Sorry, no update yet. ( @tribble42 )

(Tribble42) #6

Hi @smacher2016 indeed no update yet but this shouldn't take too long. :slight_smile:

We still have some technical issues to deal with, and as we take seriously this feature (privacy of our models etc...) we don't want to rush it.