Api command executes hundred times by itself after reload the api!

(Kanoute13) #1

When i execute a command for apply texture i.e., lets say set material command through a button (jquery )
this command execute 2,3 or more times or sometimes like hundred times.

This thing happening when i change object . The way that i change object is through recall the client with different urlid this time.

Does anyone faced the same problem or know for which reason this thing happening?

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i think is because i cal the client without stopping the previous, so its like the run the same time!

(Kanoute13) #3

Solved it.

you have to do it like this:

var client=null;

function initViewer(urlid) {
var client = new Sketchfab(version, iframe);
client.init(urlid, {
so every time that you call the initViewer with new url you restart the client


Glad you got it working!