API Configurator - Switch Models?


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Hello All,

I am curious if it would be possible to utilize the configurator API to switch to a different sketchfab model?

1. Click on the button to change color
2. Rather then switching toggling mesh visibility, switch to a different sketchfab model.
-I would imagine this would be done by switching the iframe out.

Let me know if you can think of any glaring issues of why this would not work!

Thank you!


Thanks for your interest!

This is exactly what I do in my tutorial (Part 1):

Another solution is to generate several iframes and toggle their visibility. I do this combined with API initialization here:


If you use lots of models it can take a lot of memory.

You might also be interested in our native Playlists feature:

Hope that helps!

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@james Thank you so much for the help! You have an awesome support community!