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(Cboston) #1

Any way to save new annotations to a model thru either the Data or Viewer APIs? Looking at both it does not seem possible but I just wanted to double check.

If I wanted to have an interface on top of the Viewer to allow users to create their own annotations it seems like I’ll need to setup my own data store and process for saving and relating to specific models. Then upon loading a viewer I would pull from this data based on model id and create/position the hotspots with help from the ViewerAPI and its getWorldToScreenCoordinates function…

Any suggestions here? Any plans to implement this create functionality into either API in the near future?




I also answered here about using the click event: Convert Screen to World coordinates

I think we’re also working on functions to create annotations on the fly, @paul_sketch ?

(Cboston) #3

Yep, thanks for the responses!

I only created two separate threads since one question was about purely converting screen coords to world and this one about actual data CRUD for annotations. However please feel free to merge/close out either one you see fit

(Paul Sketch) #4

Adding/removing annotation is under work.

(Cboston) #5

Great news. Any timeline estimates for when that will be released?

Also will that be add/remove thru the Viewer API during page lifecycle or thru the Data API as a way of managing annotations?

(Bart) #6

SWEET! It would be really nice if you could create an annotation with a comment too - similar to how SoundCloud lets you comment on a specific position in a track.

(Paul Sketch) #7

Please note that what is under current work is for viewer api only, thus is doesn’t save it in sketchfab for other users.

(Bart) #8

Yeah I’m aware. Got a little carried away there :slight_smile:

(Cboston) #9

Is there a projected timeline for when this work will be released?

(Kunsinha79) #10

Hi @paul_sketch,
Is the development done? I have started an assignment based on the api documentation of createAnnotation

(Paul Sketch) #11

Documentation here:

and a demo here

(be sure to check devtools console to get all info)