Api created annotations bug in Firefox only


Everything is working great on all mobile et desktop browsers, except on Firefox on desktop.
All annotations data is loaded correctly (titles and descriptions) but pop-ups are empty in full view, displaying correctly in mobile resized view…

Anyone have a idea ?

Thanks !



Do you have this live somewhere we can look at or some simple reproduced case on JSFiddle, for example?

Hello James,

Not live yet. In the meantime, the client ask me for custom css annotions pop-up ^^ Working now. Will share the initial bug or error on firefox if I find it.

Have a good day!


I’ve built custom css annotations before and found out that it works great as long as you don’t have too many and the model isn’t too heavy. If you’re using the raycasting functions it tends to get heavy really fast.

Hi Klaas,

Thank you for the advice! Indeed, this project as 69 POIs and a large detailed model ^^ Quite slow on mobile devices. Next time, I will only use custom data UI, with sync camera moves and parts highlighting.

Take care.