API Programming Work Request


Hello All,

I'm looking for a coder to help me with my companies use of Sketchfab.

  1. Automating a screenshot process that I need to do ad nauseum.
  2. Granting "write only" access to an employee, allows them to update textures to models, but does not grant them access downloading the model. It may seem overly protective but in the hockey jersey space I'm the only one that has this approach and I want to keep this competitive edge as long as possible.

Further Details on 1: I use sketchfab to show off my custom hockey jerseys. I use the same model and update the textures then use the annotations to control exact camera angles for a series of shots that I use to populate the product pages on my webstore. As I update my model (it's still a work in progress), I like to retake my screenshots, but now that I've got over 20 designs, it's extremely time consuming to upload the textures, and take screenshots of each of the angles in the annotation. It's an awesome tool that allows me to get fairly real shots via virtual green screen photography. Way less hassle... but it's getting very long and tedious to refresh my shots. This is the model I use for reference: https://skfb.ly/RZrt There are the other designs that I've done: https://skfb.ly/S6ww Here are the products on my webstore: https://www.jersied.com/collections/hockey

Further Details on 2: I want my employee to be able to change textures on models, but not download the model files from my sketchfab account.

I would LOVE to automate this process. As I update the model, run a scrip that changes textures, takes screenshots at each of the angles for each of my designs. Is this possible? Are you able to do this for me? Reach out to me and lets chat about pricing and timelin. Thanks!



Maybe @klaasnienhuis or @shaderbytes can help.

(Shaderbytes) #3

Thanks James , I have sent a message to Gregan over the weekend. Still waiting for a reply. Cheers

(Klaasnienhuis) #4

Point 1 is doable through the API. I can imagine this becoming tedious, so any form of automation would save you headaches and lots of typing and clicking.
As for point 2, if you give someone editing access to a model, you need to give them your username and password. At that moment that persone can set the model do "downloadable" and download it. It's possible to apply textures to a model from outside sketchfab with use of the API, however this texture never actually becomes part of the model. This means you need to add code to your webshop to add this texture every time a user views a model. Technically this might not be a big deal (at least from creating the code) but it does add some loading time to load the texture from an external source.
@james do you know if it's possible to give someone editing access to a model but to avoid him or her to download the model?


@klaasnienhuis no, the same credentials are needed for model properties and editor settings. The only way to do it is to blacklist download from a given source. Then, even the author cannot make it downloadable.


Hey guys, I'm slammed dealing with customers/orders at the moment. I'll chime back in on this thread ASAP. Appreciate the input/offers. I'll get back to you all soon.


Thanks for your replies guys. I've gotten a PM from Shaderbytes and an e-mail from a gentleman called Madalin on the matter. Hopefully one of the two can help me with a custom solution that works for me.