API Rate Limits


im currently working uploading gaming models from different games like CS:GO, PUBG. I have several Models to upload and Patch. Im currently have problems with Too many Requests 429.

I already added delay between the requests, but it’s hard to find a sweet spot for the Rate Limitation. I would be great if you can tell me how many the API calls are possible per minute/hour/day.



Write requests are limited depending on your account plan:

  • Free: 200/hour
  • Pro: 300/hour
  • Premium: 400/hour
  • Business: 500/hour

Read requests are rate limited to, but have higher limits.

Hello James,

it resets every full hour or the time of the first call?

I believe the time of the first call, so you can have a maximum of X00 in any 60 minute period.

Hello when I try to download these models it says too Many Requests and is not resetting… after an hour

We are still working to define the limits for downloading models, which is why they are not yet publicly documented. At the moment, free members can download 50 models per day.

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Ok how about for paid members? Trying to use sketchfab to create ar experiences will be kind hampered by such a low amount

Pro members can currently download 100 per day. But again, these numbers are going to change very soon, and we haven’t finalized them.

that’s right I did according to your table

I’m not sure if there is a question or problem here?