Api sketchfab problem

(Brestscan3d) #1

using the sketchfab api, I’m getting errors and I can’t post my file.3 days ago I did not get that error. What are you doing ?
the api is totally unusable ! Be serious ! Now when I try to post a model, I’m getting memory error ! and the upload does not work anymore.


Are you uploading models with Private enabled? It’s broken at the moment but we’ll have a fix tomorrow morning.

(Brestscan3d) #3

ok… I understand the problem. We just lost 8 hours… Thanks !


I’m very sorry about that!

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the problem is if you do that without telling us about the problem, we can’t prevent it and it means that we can’t rely on you and we have to find another solution.


Understood. Ideally, how would you like to be notified of such a problem?

We only became aware of the problem a few hours ago.

(Brestscan3d) #7

ok… it seems that the server is still not working this morning… can you post a reply here when the problem is fixed ? thanks…


The problem is fixed, thanks for your patience.