App / Browser on mobile phone seems to uses wrong Cardboard (extreme double-view)


(Lwr) #1

Hi fellows,

I hope I am in the right place with my problem here.
I am using an Huawei P20 Pro, the Sketchfab-App (and Chrome - same problem) and the Google-Cardboard (Standard edition).
In the Google-Cardboard-App everything works well - the Cardboard is correctly selected, the view is fine.
Now using Sketchfab - I only see an extreme double-view - impossible for watching 3D Models. I already re-installed both apps - nothing worked and i have really no idea, whats going on.

Any ideas?

(Sorry for my english)


(Alexwann202) #2

Yes, failure to render stereoscope image is strangely ignored by developers as the the issue was known for a long time now but no attempt/response was ever made to fix unfortunately for all, including professional paid users.

(Lwr) #3

Many thanks for the answer.
Really? So: I can not guarantee that the app will run for all users / customers? How, or better, why should I then spend money for customer presentation, if the right representation works randomly or not (as in my case).
Or have I misunderstood something?

(Alexwann202) #4

Not randomly, stereoscopic viewing on sketchfab app just simply doesn’t work any-longer …and it seems like no one from developers cares…

(Lwr) #5

That’s not good. Probably the best unique selling point of Sketchfab seems useless or unusable. There is no reason to spend money, because a serious work with customers does not work with certainty. Hopefully, this issue will be addressed - and resolved. Other apps show how it works.