Apply wireframe only on 1 mesh

(Pinterac) #1

i have upload a face & lingual mesh here :

i want only teeth display with wireframe but all other elements like the face display normally without wireframe
is it possible?



It's not possible with our built-in wireframe settings, but you should be able to export a line-only version of the teeth that would be visible regardless of the viewer's wireframe.

I don't think we support Blender curves (even after converting to meshes), but I was able to convert a curve to a mesh and export as OBJ:

(Pinterac) #3

as you can see i have update the mesh and add a fake wireframe as textur for teeth but i see another problem
The original texture UV mapped 2048 x2048 looks greet into blender

Why she looks like compressed on the sketcfab view, they have some bug like this :



Hmm, I don't see that issue on my end. Is it the same in different browsers?

(Pinterac) #5

Material view on blender :

Material view on sketcfab :

Looks ugly on sketchfab with aliasing.. maybe because its a Png?

PS : i have edit with a jpg, seems better. Did your engine compress the png?

(Stephomi) #6

Yes we compress the png (only in the viewer though, you'll get the uncompressed version in the editor).

Do you still have the issue?